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Richiamo del dirupo Copertina_edited.jpg


Publisher  Miraggi Edizioni
Pages  128, paperback
Edition year  2021
EAN  9788833861593

Il Pallido Rifugio is a large Victorian house suspended on a cliff overlooking the ocean, where a former tennis player, a young successful sculptor, a mother who has lost track of her daughter and a young man suffering from a rare disease are found. makes the skin blue. All responded to an advertisement in the newspaper, accepting the invitation of the elusive and untraceable owner of the house, a certain Felice Hernandez, to spend a period there in exchange for writing a diary of their stay. Everyone has their own reasons to flee, to isolate themselves in a place literally at the end of the world. But in that house even time seems to flow differently ... They seem like the perfect ingredients for a classic mystery story, but something doesn't add up. Soon the intertwining of the stories of the protagonists reveals another and deeper journey, which drags the reader into the region of the ghosts of the mind, into the well of the wounds of the soul, of suffering from which only happiness can be born. Or the possibility of at least being something. Something more than nothing.

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