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So ... This should be an autobiographical attempt in medias res to tell with a touch of wit and a modicum of humility about the bizarre springs I spent on this rocky space object orbiting the Sun.


I was born somehow somewhere beneath the mountains, in a car city, foggy and beautifully gray in the glorious year that the world-famous Beetle juice hit all theaters.  


I immediately started writing about my dolls, their peculiarities and habits. I observed the Magnolia tree in my garden and soon realized that I absolutely needed to find a way to exist comfortably, without feeling maladjusted or unable to inhabit it.

I loved learning new things but hated school, because of the way I was perceived: the strangest girl on the planet. It was then that I developed a major depressive and anxiety disorder so severe that it made life impossible for me without medication. However, the therapy helped me to manage my social phobia more consciously and to gain more confidence in interpersonal relationships.

I watched all the films my mother had collected and started buying more and more. I spent all my free time alone, with the only company of my pets and Hollywood stars.

I realized that I had found my place in the universe when I began to imagine plots, create characters, as if I had been able to open a jar containing inspiring butterflies, a little magic in the sad reality of which I was a part. Writing has become the way to get to know me deeply, intimately.  

In the meantime, as writing became a way to stay face to face with my ghosts and my innermost self, the  photography  it allowed me to open up to the world, starting to show my work publicly, and receiving some praise, receptions, and several awards. I started working as  art model , and only then, did I really begin to love myself, a little bit at a time, perceiving myself from the point of view of others.

In 2014 I graduated in International Sciences , working as a translator, interpreter, editor, editor for exhibitions and contemporary art fairs, embracing the freelance profession, to have full control of my time and awareness for my choices. I worked as a columnist without ever disdaining subjects far from my education, from tennis to international relations, to Chinese culture and economic policy. Today I collaborate with a literary criticism magazine in which I describe literature and the publishing world.

Only fiction, however, was able to show me the space I desperately needed to express myself and in July 2021, I published my debut,  Il Richiamo del dirupo  published by Miraggi Edizioni.

Il Richiamo del Dirupo is currently being edited and translated into English. Today it is available in Italian in all physical bookstores and digital stores.


Everything else is yet to come.

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